First released in Comiket 86 (Tokyo) and COMICUP14.5 (Shanghai);

    Price: Event 1000 yen, Internet 1200 yen.

    Booklet: 16 pages.


    All tracks are piano solo, and are recorded in studios.

    Information: Davidsan's first Doujin CD. It includes Davidsan's earliest

    Touhou piano arrangements. The first 12 tracks are selected from BGMs of

    Touhou games during PC-98 period, followed by 6 arrangements from ZUN's

    music CD. The theme of this CD is 'fantasy', and the style of these

    arrangements are closed to that of the original BGMs.


Track List

    The Lost Music Booklet in a Lotusland(失ったピアノ断章、幻想郷に)
    1.Capriccio for a 16-bit Miko (16-ビットみこのための奇想曲) (Original

    music: Eternal Shrine Maiden, from Highly Responsive to Prayers)
    2.Rhapsody (狂詩曲)(Original music: Himorogi, Burn in Violet, from Story

    of Eastern Wonderland)
    3.March (マーチ)(Original music: Reincarnation, from Phantasmagoria of

    dim. Dream)
    4.Ellen's Love Ballade(エレンの愛の歌)(Original music:Tabula rasa ~ The

    Empty Girl, from Phantasmagoria of dim. Dream)
    5.To the Beloved Moon (愛しく月へ)(Original music: Eternal Full Moon, from     Phantasmagoria of dim. Dream)
    6.Intermezzo (間奏曲) (Original music: Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme,

    from Lotus Land Story)
    7.Polka (ポルカ) (Original music: Bad Apple!!, from Lotus Land Story

    8.Star Serenade (スター・セレナーデ)(Original music: Vessel of Stars ~

    Casket of Star,from Lotus Land Story
    9.Elegy (エレジー)(Original music: Alice in Wonderland, from Mystic

    10.Postlude (後奏曲) (Original music: the Grimoire of Alice, from Mystic


    6 Nocturnes (六つの夜想曲)
    11.(Original music: Legend of Hourai
    12.(Original music:Lovely Mound of Cherry Blossoms ~ Flower of Japan
    13.(Original music: Eternal Festival of Illustions/Ancient Temple of the

    14.(Original music: Hiroshige No.36 ~ Neo Super-Express

    15.(Original music: The Wheelchair's Future in Space/Welcome to the Moon

    Tour/G Free
    16.(Original music: The Far Side of the Moon/Girls' Sealing Club)



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