Hyouketsu Gensou is:

A doujin circle that was established by Davidsan in 2013 in Beijing which was initially for releasing his early Touhou Project music arrangements. This circle currently not only releases recorded CDs but also distributes music scores and Doujinshis during comic markets (mostly in Japan and China). According to some rumours, Daivdsan will make his classmates play his Touhou Project arrangements in order to release new CDs during his university time. In addition, Davidsan has said that he is now practicing drawing mangas, and will probably release more Dounjinshis in the future. However, the reliability of this statement is ramain unknown.

Davidsan is:

A BAKA who is currently studying music in the USA, who loves Yuri and lolita very much, who uses CDs, doujinshis and novels to put his rooms and who is currently mangaging this website somewhere in this world.


Hobbies:Piano, Classical Music, Composition,Traveling,Anime,

Games, East Asian cultures,


Favourite composers :J.S.Bach(German, 1685-1750), Maurice Ravel(France, 1875-1936), Darius Milhaud(France, 1892-1974), Koh Bunya(Taiwan, 1910-1983), Akira Ifukube(Japan, 1914-2006), John Crumb(USA, b.1929), Alfred Schnittke(Soviet-Russia, 1934-1998), Poul Ruders(Denmark, b.1949), Guo Wenjing(China, b.1956), Tan Dun(China, b.1957), Wada Kaoru(Japan, b.1962)

Favourite novelists :Fuyumi Ono, Natsuhiko Kyogoku, Agatha Christie, Allan Poe, Lewis Carroll

Favourite games:Touhou Project, Super Mario, Hatsune Miku, Taiko no Tatsujin, Dragon Quest





































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